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What is a landing page?

Well, Landing pages are like any other web page you create. What is the big deal then? Good question! When it comes to digital marketing or digital advertising a landing page is a page that is different from a regular web page. It is a standalone page. It has a single objective and is intended to increase your conversion goal. It has no other navigation options, meaning it is distinct from your main website nor has any links to your main page.

There are 2 types of landing pages. They are:

  1. Click Through Landing Pages – They can be used to describe a product or services to entice a customer to making a purchasing decision. This page will describe the product or services in detail. Now when you have the destination page the customer has sufficient information to make a decision. When the customer goes from a click through the page to your decision-making page which is typically the shopping cart or registration page you have a higher conversion rate.
  1. Lead Generation Landing Pages

On the other hand, Lead generation landing pages are used to capture user information. The information such as a name, phone number and email address etc. The concept here is to collect information so that you can market your product and services. This page ideally will contain a form and your offer in return for submitting your personal data.

Landing Pages Toronto

Landing Pages Toronto

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